Atlantic rowers
The Atlantic rowers immediately after arriving in English Harbour. The boat is around twenty six feet long and has rowing positions for two people, there is nowhere to stretch out. The discomfort must be intense and then along comes an Atlantic gale - the thought makes us shudder.

Sunset Bar sign
The Sunset bar sign with the big jet arrival times and the offer of free drinks for topless ladies.

Airport sign
The sign that attracted Mike's attention. Such signs should be banned, because they give people like Mike ideas.

Air France Airbus
An Air France Airbus on approach. It looks very tranquil but that's all about to change, big time.

Some of the pilots are obviously used to people waiting at the end of the runway because if you wave to them the American Airlines and Continental Airlines co-pilots wave back!

Landing over the beach
The Air France plane overhead the beach going about one hundred and fifty miles an hour, Mike is in the red T-shirt.

Plane overhead
The overhead view from the beach (different plane) with a wide angle lens - the plane is even closer than it looks. The noise and speed are quite incredible. About one second later you nearly get knocked over as the blast hits.

Waiting by the fence
Mike waiting by the fence for the plane to power up for takeoff, again the plane is much closer than it looks in the picture. Although you get a fair number on the beach, not many people do this. I can't imagine why.

Take off
You really do need to hold on. You can see Mike's T-shirt ballooned up and apparently some people have had their clothes torn off. Fortunately we were spared that.

And if you weren't interested in the planes...

Ruddy Turnstones
Back to the family material now, these are Ruddy Turnstones on the pontoon at Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. Our bird book describes them as "easily recognised by their habit of flicking shells and rocks to feed on aquatic hidden life beneath".

Which explains why they are eating Digestive biscuit crumbs.

BVI, going upwind
Going upwind in the British Virgin Islands, under full sail, in flat water, on a beautiful day. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Marina Cay
Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands.

Main road Jost Van Dyke
The main road leading to Foxy's Tamarind bar

Outside Foxy's
Outside Foxy's.

View from Foxy's
The view from Foxy's looking out into Great Harbour, Kelly's Eye is parked off the picture to the right.

Soggy Dollar bar
The Soggy Dollar bar in White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. The beach is to die for.

And here I am on the beach. It's tough out here, really tough, trust me.

St John
The view from the sugar mill on St John, USVI looking north. The islands behind belong to the BVI.